A first time author is talked into running for the United States Congress but is perceived as dangerous and a threat by the government. He is kidnapped and interrogated with enhanced methods under current United States law and recounts his run for office while chained to an interrogation chair, enduring what would be unimaginable for most people. It is the story of a terrifying confrontation which becomes a stunning revelation of ideals about our country, our people, and the dark nature of power in the highest corridors and lowest trenches of the American intelligence community.

Inside Liberty’s Prisoner

Are you tired of being dumbed to death with special effects, animation and lies, with the regurgitated remakes and cerebrally lobotomizing material that the whores of Hollywood excrete to their pimps that peddle this crap in their bed bug infested, disease ridden theaters with their over-priced tickets and food that are slowly but surely becoming the human shooting galleries of the 21st century? Would you like something different, something that goes way beyond anything that Hollywood could ever do and never leave your house to experience it? To get it right, Hollywood averages between 20-30 takes to cut through the ego and sense of entitlement of these so-called “actors”.  The everyday people of Liberty’s Prisoner, one or two takes was all that was necessary.

Liberty’s Prisoner is the advent of Real Interactive Cinema, an entirely new genre of cinematic experience. Real, because it is shot in real-time, without table reads, story boards, rehearsals and there was never a script on any location. Everything you are EXPERIENCING in the movie is actually happening as you see it. There was no make up or special effect makeup utilized. What you experience is as real as it gets! Interactive, because if you pay attention and are one of the first 20 people to find the hidden message, you will receive an equal share of 1 million dollars from the proceeds of the movie.

I wanted to show the world that everyday people could do a better job at being themselves than Hollywood. People that go to work and smile when they feel like crying, go home to relationships and laugh when they feel like dying. People that give a stellar performance each and every day of their life, for little or no appreciation at all. These are the people of Liberty’s Prisoner.

When asked, why give away money and things in a movie? We are here not to take, take and take but in giving back we receive. Two things stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain more than anything: Sex and money, I can’t get them laid, but I can get ’em paid.

This is not a docu-shock; it is a drama suspense movie like none ever attempted. Three broken ribs, arm, nose, collapsed lung, loss of over two pints of blood, nine and a half hours of intense plastic surgery over a year and half of filming. We shot the interrogation section of the movie for fifty-eight and a half hours straight, without any sleep! Why? Our country is on the verge of destruction. Thirteen trillion dollars of debt (internal/external) in the last seventeen years, more debt in the last seventeen years, than the other two hundred and eleven years combined. Our congressmen and women are gutting this country, in the name of self and special interest and we as Americans, not party members, must stop this, the children of this nation deserve the same chance we had.

Stay tuned on how to win your share of one million dollars.
Greg Frank

The Special Effects

No makeup was used on Ed Justice anywhere in the film. All modifications to his face were made with enhanced medical procedures.

Very special thanks to Dr. Jon E. Mendelsohn of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

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